Answering Commonly Asked Questions About Lifting Equipment Inspection


Lifting equipment inspection is not only done to ensure your equipment is in great condition but to make sure accidents that lead to injuries or damage do not occur. Lifting equipment is expensive; the last thing you want is to incur expensive repair or replacement costs. You also do not want you or your employees getting injured. Injuries mean delayed production processes and losses in terms of hospital bills. You might have insurance, but in most cases, it does not cover the full hospital bill.

22 July 2019

Ways of Demolishing a Building


Building demolition is one of the ways that contractors pave the way for new constructions. However, there are other reasons why a building may be demolished, such as structures being damaged, wanting new buildings, reducing hazards and expanding the building. Before the building is demolished, developers and demolition experts survey the area before deciding how the building should be destroyed. The mode of demolition depends on the location of the building, the primary materials used in that building, the reason for demolition and how the waste will be disposed of.

29 April 2019

Three Essential Guidelines for Choosing Aluminium Shoring Shields


If you are planning on conducting trenching work on your property, you should think about acquiring the right shoring equipment for the project. Proper shoring will improve the level of safety on your worksite, minimising the risk of worker injuries. In addition, if the open trenches are shored adequately, you will be able to conduct your operations with efficiency. One of the ideal shoring solutions to consider for your trenching site is aluminium shields.

9 February 2019

Check Out These Top 5 Benefits of Forklift Hire


Looking to use forklift equipment for your industrial lifting operations? Buying the equipment outright is not the only way to meet your needs. With so many businesses offering a wide selection of forklift machinery for hire, you don't have to incur the high initial cost outlay of purchasing a new forklift to use the equipment. Aside from eliminating the need to tie up huge amounts of operating capital in depreciable assets, renting a forklift can bring many other essential benefits to your industrial operations.

20 December 2018

The Benefits of Access Equipment Hire to Your Construction Company


Equipment hire is a business designed to aid the construction industry with equipment that not all individual companies have access to. If you are in charge of a construction company or are thinking of starting a one, you should know some things about leasing equipment for your business. Construction companies, especially smaller companies, often get hired to do projects in odd locations where they will require more extensive equipment than what they already have.

26 October 2018

Bobcat Hire – Is it The Best Solution for Your Heavy Construction Equipment Needs?


Heavy construction equipment is critical for the success of a range of projects. While primarily associated with construction projects, these types of machinery can also be applicable for landscaping, farming and so on. With that in mind, one of the most versatile kinds of equipment that you may need for a variety of projects is the Bobcat. Nonetheless, whether you are a homeowner looking to engage in a DIY project or have recently started your small construction business, you may not have a Bobcat on hand.

26 September 2018

Why You Should Opt For On-Site Forklift Training for Your Employees


When choosing a training and licencing course for the forklift operators who work for you, you have two options: off-site forklift training at the provider's facility or on-site forklift training at your own facility. You may think that off-site courses are the best choice because they take place in a specialised space and won't cause any disruption to your working day. However, this isn't necessarily the case. In most situations, it's always better to choose an on-site forklift training provider—here's why.

15 September 2018