Ways of Demolishing a Building


Building demolition is one of the ways that contractors pave the way for new constructions. However, there are other reasons why a building may be demolished, such as structures being damaged, wanting new buildings, reducing hazards and expanding the building. Before the building is demolished, developers and demolition experts survey the area before deciding how the building should be destroyed. The mode of demolition depends on the location of the building, the primary materials used in that building, the reason for demolition and how the waste will be disposed of. Whatever method is used, it must be safe to those handling the demolition and the surroundings. Below are some of the methods used to demolish buildings.


This is one of the most intense methods of demolishing a building. The procedure involves setting up explosives at the base of the building along the vertical poles. When the explosion is triggered, the building is knocked out from the inside, causing it to collapse in on itself. For the demolition to be a success, the blaster crew does complete analyses of the structural blueprint to determine the key areas to be blasted. After this is done, they then decide the type of explosives to be used and their locations, depending on how strong the structure is. The sequence of detonation is critical to a successful and safe demolition.

Wrecking Ball

Otherwise known as crane and ball demolition, this method is one of the oldest but most commonly used demolition methods to date and is mostly used to demolish concrete structures. The wrecking ball consists of a large metallic ball that weighs up to 13,000 pounds and is suspended from a crane using a steel cable. During the demolition, the ball is either dropped or swung on the target building, crushing it to the ground.

However, the wrecking ball must be operated by a skilled and professional crane operator. Any miscalculations of the swing or the ball missing the target building could lead to a disastrous outcome. Any time that the wrecking ball misses its target would lead to an overload to the crane, hence crushing it to the ground. This method of demolition is limited to the size of the crane and the space around the building. Usually, for a wrecking ball demolition to be a success, you need to consider several other environmental factors like the swinging allowance and proximity to power lines.


29 April 2019

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