The Benefits of Access Equipment Hire to Your Construction Company


Equipment hire is a business designed to aid the construction industry with equipment that not all individual companies have access to. If you are in charge of a construction company or are thinking of starting a one, you should know some things about leasing equipment for your business. Construction companies, especially smaller companies, often get hired to do projects in odd locations where they will require more extensive equipment than what they already have. It could be a concreter getting hired by a client to fix the outer wall on a tall building or someone like you needing to work on a roof. These are the types of situations where you might want to look into the option of hiring access equipment.

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Access equipment comes in many variations It is hard to know exactly what type of equipment you'll need for individual projects, so it's hard to buy equipment that fits all purposes. A scissor lift might be all you need for one project, but the next job might require that you use a travel tower. Buying all types of access equipment is not practical for your company budget. Hiring different types of equipment for different projects is a much more doable solution.

Modern machines

Hiring or leasing equipment comes with the advantage of access to newer, more modern machines. If you were to buy a piece of equipment, it's possible you would go for an older model to save money. If you are new to this business, it might also lead you to buy unnecessary equipment that you don't need. If you accidentally hire equipment that then turns out to be unnecessary, that's an unnecessary cost much lower than if you would have bought it.

Long-term leasing and buying

Many companies also offer long-term leasing, meaning you can rent the equipment for a couple of years before you have to give it back. If at the end of a long-term contract you find that you still need that particular piece of equipment, can make an educated decision on what to buy. If the leasing company is looking to upgrade their old models, it's possible you might even get to buy the piece of equipment that you have been operating for a long time. The leasing company might also be able to help you with their expert advice on what to buy when you're looking to invest in your own equipment.


26 October 2018

How to Hire Heavy Construction Equipment: A Guide

If you need to hire heavy construction equipment and you do not work in the construction industry, you may be somewhat overwhelmed by the range of different machines which are on offer. When I wanted to hire a piece of heavy construction equipment so I could landscape my property, I didn't have the first idea about which type of machine was the best one for the job. Thankfully, I was able to call my brother-in-law. He works in the construction industry so he was able to give me some great advice. I decided to start this blog for people who don't have access to an expert. Enjoy!