Three Essential Guidelines for Choosing Aluminium Shoring Shields


If you are planning on conducting trenching work on your property, you should think about acquiring the right shoring equipment for the project. Proper shoring will improve the level of safety on your worksite, minimising the risk of worker injuries. In addition, if the open trenches are shored adequately, you will be able to conduct your operations with efficiency. One of the ideal shoring solutions to consider for your trenching site is aluminium shields. These shields are beneficial because they are resilient and can provide a secure protective barrier. Also, the shoring system is lightweight in comparison to alternatives. Here are some essential tips for choosing the perfect shoring shield for your trenching project.

Think about Installation

It is important to think about the ease of installation when shopping for aluminium shoring shields for your worksite. In general, aluminium shields are easy to handle because of their relatively light weight. However, this characteristic does not necessarily guarantee easy setup on the worksite. When evaluating the ease of installation, you should look at the overall process for putting up the shield. Under ideal circumstances, the shielding system should utilise simple fittings and quick connection pins. Also, extruded designs are easier to handle because of their compactness.

Consider Project Suitability

You should evaluate the different aluminium shoring shields on the market and determine whether they are suitable for your project. In simple terms, it is essential to remember that all the shields on the market cannot be utilised on your site. The right units for your site will depend on the size of trenches that you intend to excavate. Typically, aluminium shields are used in construction and utility installation jobs where smaller excavators are utilised. However, different sizes of shields will be needed, depending on the depth and general size of the trench. It is also advisable to check the loading limits of the shields. If the available aluminium shields cannot handle the mechanical stress exerted on your work site, you might need to consider steel shoring.

Check the Safety Measures

Finally, it is important to consider the safety measures incorporated into the aluminium shoring system, or at least, compatible for use with the chosen solution. The protective measures will further minimise the risk of injuries on your worksite during the trenching procedures. Suitable safety equipment for your worksite include ladder enclosures, davits and handrails. These types of solutions can prevent injuries when working within trenches. You should inquire about the all the available safety measures from your equipment supplier for optimal workplace safety. 


9 February 2019

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