Top Things You Might Not Be Aware Of About Foundation Drilling


Foundation drilling companies are very popular and perform work on all sorts of projects. If you have never worked in the foundation drilling industry before, these are all things that you might not know about it. You may want to know these things if you're interested in construction in any way or if you would like to start working for a company that performs foundation drilling.

It Can Be Used for Installation or Repair

When you first hear the term 'foundation drilling,' you might think about it being used as a method of installing a foundation for a home or structure that is going to be built soon. It's true that foundation drilling is commonly used for new construction projects since it allows a proper foundation to be built. This helps get a construction project off to a good start.

However, foundation drilling is actually sometimes used on existing structures, too. Sometimes, people find that the foundations underneath their homes or commercial structures are not in good shape. This can happen because the building is old or because the foundation was not installed properly in the first place. Just because there is an issue with the foundation of a structure does not mean that the structure has to be completely torn down, of course. Instead, the structure can often be jacked up from the ground, and then foundation drilling can be done as a form of foundation repair. In many cases, this is the best and most effective way to repair a structure's foundation. Then, once the structure has been put back in place, it should have a solid and steady foundation that will last for years to come.

The Project Can Take Days or Weeks

You might think that foundation drilling can be done in just one day. However, this usually is not the case. In many cases, site preparation work has to be done before foundation drilling can even begin. Then, the piers have to be drilled into the ground and the concrete has to cure. In repair cases, the structure has to be lifted before the foundation work can begin and then put back into place after the foundation work has ended. All of these things can take time, depending on the size and type of foundation drilling project that is being done. It might take longer than usual if extensive site prep work has to be done first.

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23 May 2022

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