Mobile Cranes 101: Your Questions Answered


If you're reading this, it's because you want to find out more about mobile cranes. Well, this is just the post for you. The following sections cover what they are, what they do and how to hire one for your next project. Read on!

What are mobile cranes?

A mobile crane, as the name suggests, is a crane that can be moved around. Whether it's across the road or to another city, it's likely to be able to move with ease. Mobile cranes come in all shapes and sizes, depending on what they are being used for. They can use diesel, petrol or electricity to run, and some models even use a combination of power sources.

What are mobile cranes used for?

Mobile cranes are being used more and more every day due to their portability. They're used for anything from residential construction projects to installing roadside lighting or signage. Not all of these projects require a mobile crane. For example, a mobile crane is most useful on job sites where there is a lot of heavy lifting to be done but the client doesn't want big lorries taking up space on site.

What are the advantages of using a mobile crane?

Of course, a lot of things come with professional mobile crane hire. There are benefits such as cost-effectiveness, flexibility and the ability to move quickly.


The costs are kept down by hiring a mobile crane on a temporary basis. The hirer essentially pays for everything they need and then some when they hire one of these cranes. In many cases, the heavy lifting is done by a second or third party specialist and the operator is just there to steer it where it needs to go.


Mobile cranes are great because they can be used for a huge range of projects. They're also very flexible when it comes to moving them around. For example, if you're moving from a residential project to a commercial one, it's no problem at all.


Mobile cranes can get to job sites very quickly indeed, especially if they are not being used in your local area. They're built for this purpose, and with some models being able to move along at quite a clip, they can get to you quickly. For longer trips, the cranes may be loaded onto larger transporters.

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11 June 2021

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