Before Hiring a Mobile Crane, Consider These 5 Factors


Mobile cranes are durable and versatile equipment for demanding lifting requirements. Their design makes them easy to set-up and transport. They help move weighty material in short distances. Besides, they come in different models, configurations and sizes you can purchase or hire. 

Here are five essential factors to consider before purchasing or hiring a mobile crane.

Load Capacity

There are various types of mobile cranes, from light-duty to heavy-duty cranes. However, since they come with different features and models, they have different capabilities in handling different weights. Thus, it's crucial to find out the maximum load capacity you'll handle daily in your project. Preferably, consider cranes that can handle more significant load capacities than what your project is currently dealing with every day. 

Landscape and Terrain

The terrain where you run your project matters a great deal when choosing a mobile crane. Mobile cranes work well in grounds that allow easier manoeuvrability. It's thus crucial to analyse your landscape and determine whether it's fit for a mobile crane. If you are working on stable ground, consider choosing a truck-mounted crane that moves with ease on steady ground. On the other hand, prefer a crawler-mounted crane when working on soft terrain. It's ideal for rough, off-road and all-terrain conditions.

The Cost of Purchase

Two aspects determine the cost of a mobile crane — purchase or hire. If you're working on short-term projects, consider hiring a mobile crane since it's a cheaper option. However, if you work on many long-term projects, purchasing is a viable option. Whether you are hiring or buying a new crane, you'll require skilled personnel to run it. Employing permanent staff is less costly than constantly hiring temporary staff to work on long-term projects. 

Height Clearance

You must determine the current obstructions on-site such as power lines, trees or buildings and find the perfect mobile crane height. This step is essential in preventing potential accidents after acquiring the crane. Failure to do so can hinder smooth workflow and lead to more inconveniences during operations.


You will also want to acquire proper coverage for your crane. Different companies offer different insurance plans for heavy equipment. Research on the best insurance coverage that you can afford for your crane. Insurance is essential as it covers you in case of damages or accidents while operating the mobile crane.

Mobile cranes are efficient machines that simplify the complexity of any project that requires heavy lifting. However, before buying or hiring one, you must pay attention to the five factors discussed above. For more information on rigging services like cranes for hire, contact a local resource.


18 December 2019

How to Hire Heavy Construction Equipment: A Guide

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