Get a Better Understanding of Float Hire


Floats are large trucks used to transport heavy machinery/vehicles from one point to another. It can either be from a hire company to a construction site or from a heavy equipment/vehicle shop to a hire company. Note the important things you need to know about float hire:

What Are the Different Types of Heavy Machinery Transported?

The most common machinery 'floated' includes construction equipment, farm machinery, plant machines and shipping containers. Floats do not only transport these pieces of equipment but also tow the heavy vehicles.

What Information Is Required by a Float Hire Company?

The size, shape and weight of the heavy machinery is a crucial factor because it determines what float to use. You can either require a small, medium or large float.

The other pieces of information required are the pick-up and drop-off point and the pick-up and drop-off time.

Why Hire a Float?

If you think about farm, plant and construction vehicles, you will find that they are not regular and do not move fast. They are also meant for short-distance movements. Their irregular shape may make other road users cause accidents because they are not used to finding such vehicles on the road. Slow-moving vehicles also cause traffic clogs.

Farm, plant and construction vehicles can get damaged when driven for long distances. They are expensive pieces of equipment, and you would not want to incur additional costs to repair or replace parts.

Floats are a regular shape, and the heavy equipment being transported is strategically placed on them and secured firmly. The correct warning lights and signs are also mounted to warn other road users of a wide load. Float operators are also operated by fully accredited and experienced drivers. This is one of the reasons why you might find it difficult to find a dry float hire. All these features of floats ensure your heavy equipment reaches you intact without any problems during transit.

A dry float hire means you are the one to provide a float operator, while a wet float hire means an operator is provided to you. The latter is what you will mostly find.

Is Hiring a Float Expensive?

This depends on many factors, such as how long you are hiring for, the day of the week (weekends being more expensive than weekdays), distance to be covered, late fees, etc. Ask about discounts or offers the float hire may have — you might get lucky and spend less.      


26 September 2019

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