Common Types of Industrial Cranes


Cranes are used in all sorts of industrial applications for picking up heavy items and moving them to new locations. They are a mainstay of the construction industry and found on nearly every building site in the country that exceeds three storeys in height. Although some construction firms own their own cranes, many that are used for building work are hired from specialist crane hire companies. Cranes are then commonly supplied with a trained operator who will provide lifting services for the site until the building project is completed. What are the most frequently hired cranes in use today?

Telescopic Cranes

This type of crane is a favourite among construction firms because it is highly versatile. Crane hire of this type usually means obtaining a mobile platform which can be repositioned on a building site to work on different phases of a large project. The back of the tuck which conveys the crane will include a large hydraulic system which pushes the boom of the crane upwards and outwards. Usually, a set of stabilisers is extended either side of a mobile, telescopic crane when it is in use to prevent it toppling over when fully extended.

Tower Cranes

These sorts of cranes tend to be used when high lifts will be required. They are sometimes seen in dockyards as well as on construction sites due to their ability to handle high loads as well as large weights. Set in a fixed position on the ground, tower cranes need to be anchored well, especially in exposed locations. Some are able to reach around 1,000 metres, although such cranes are exceptional and only used for constructing the world's tallest skyscrapers.

Picker Trucks

These cranes are used for unloading goods at a site or for making deliveries from a fabrication yard. Smaller than many other types of crane, picker trucks a have a limited lifting capacity of only a few tonnes. However, they are extremely manoeuvrable, which means they are ideal in tight situations where other sorts of lifting devices would not be suited. They are often used to deliver timber and other building products, such as bricks and roof tiles.

Overhead Cranes

Sometimes called suspension cranes, this type of lifting mechanism is usually found in factories where heavy items need to be moved around inside. Because they are fixed to the beams of a roof, they are not able to be relocated unlike a mobile crane. However, they are invaluable for production facilities which deal in heavy goods, such as steelworks.

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12 September 2018

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