Ordinary Truck Seat Mistakes that Construction Truck Drivers Should Avoid


The nature of working as a construction truck driver requires careful considerations to be made regarding the seats. The long hours and bumpy terrain involved are health risk factors to drivers. Therefore, selecting and installing the right truck seats goes a long way towards ensuring that heavy construction truck drivers remain healthy throughout their work life. However, some drivers make some common mistakes regarding truck seat usage. Notably, the wrong usage compromises the benefits derived from construction truck seats. This article explores such errors and proposes corrective actions.

Neglecting to Tether the Truck Seat -- Modern truck seats come with tether belts and anchors behind the seat. The accessories are meant to keep the seat securely anchored to the partition board behind the seat or a truck's floor. The tether prevents the seat from rocking back and forth when working on rough terrain or from yanking forward in case of an accident, thereby protecting the driver from injury. Despite the advantage, most heavy construction truck drivers believe that the seat belt is enough to protect them; therefore, they neglect to anchor their seats as required. Such neglect can cause serious injuries or even death during an accident. As such, when you are preparing to begin a shift, always tether your construction truck seat to the anchor, whether it is behind or below the seat. 

Setting the Seat Too Low -- Due to the long shifts and rocky terrain of construction sites, most construction truck drivers have to deal with back pain at one point or another. As such, drivers might be advised to keep their knees higher than their lower back to relieve pressure on the back. While the remedy works, most drivers tend to set the seat too low, consequently affecting their line of vision. No matter how well you know your way around a construction site, you should never block your field of view. Construction sites change, and what was a perfect path the previous day might have a boulder at the centre the following day. As such, rather than lowering the seat, use other methods of relieving the pressure on your back—for instance, by using a small cushion. 

Using the Seat Belt to Secure Truck Door -- When taking a break from their shifts, some drivers prefer to take a nap in their trucks. However, due to a lot of disturbances around a work site, the siesta is often cut short by workers yanking at the doors. To avoid the disruption, some drivers use the seat belt to secure the truck door. Although seat belts are made from durable materials, their misuse shortens the service life, and this can be dangerous, especially when you need it the most. Therefore, ensure that you use seat belts appropriately for durability and safety.  

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3 August 2018

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