Dry vs. Wet Excavator Hire: Which is the Best Option for Your Project?


As you hire an excavator for your construction or landscaping project, you will have to choose between dry and wet hire. Dry hire is where the equipment is rented out without an operator. However, all other inclusions that are advertised in the excavator hire package will be available. On the other hand, wet hire gives you additional features such as an experienced operator. Dry hire is usually cheaper than wet hire due to the exclusion of an operator. But how do you choose between the two? Here is a detailed comparison to help you make a choice.

Financial factor

With dry hire, you get the excavator at a cheaper price as compared to if you chose to go for wet hire. You can look for a freelance operator who will charge less than what the hiring company would have charged you. Alternatively, if one of your workers has operator experience, you can use them to operate the equipment and save money.

On the other hand, wet hire includes the cost of an excavator operator throughout the hire period. If you are lucky, you can negotiate the rates with the company and get a cheaper quote for the entire package. If you don't know any experienced excavator operator, opting for wet hire would be an excellent way of ensuring that you get a trained professional for the job.

Quality of services

Before choosing between wet and dry hire, think about the quality of services that you will receive from the operator. In dry hire, you choose your own operator. If you find someone who is experienced, they will deliver quality services and mitigate excavator risks on your site. However, if you go for one who is not adequately trained, they can end up causing accidents and injuries on your site.

With a wet hire, you get an experienced worker who has dealt with excavators before. Since they work for the rental company, they know their way around the excavator and will take measures to avoid accidents and breakdowns. If the operator messes up, you can question the company about their quality of services.

Operator management

Wet hire saves you the hassle of screening and vetting operators before hiring them for the job. Therefore, it is a viable option if you want to save money on worker screening and training. On the other hand, dry hire can cost you more on interviews and training if you don't have an experienced excavator operator at hand.

Think about these issues when choosing between wet and dry excavator hire so that you can go for the best option that will maximise efficiency on your site. 


2 August 2018

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