Cost-Effective Land Clearing Equipment for Startup Firms


Land clearing startups might find it challenging to accept big projects due to the substantial initial investment required on equipment. However, with numerous heavy equipment rental firms out there, land clearing firms can get around the equipment investment challenge. That said, rentals can be expensive, especially if the rental period is extended. For this reason, land clearing startup firms must be strategic in the equipment they hire. This article highlights the best cost-effective land clearing equipment for a startup land clearing firm.

Use Chains to Drag Twigs and Trunks -- Once trees and shrubs clearance on a large piece of land is complete, removal of twigs, branches and small trunks commences. Notably, the removal of twigs and branches can quickly be done using a bull hog attachment, a mulching machine and a chainsaw. However, renting the above pieces of machinery can be overwhelming for a startup land clearing firm. You can use different sizes of industrial chains that are tied on two tractors which are positioned across a field. For the industrial chain strategy to work effectively, the chains should be of varying lengths. As the tractors begin to move, the chains will catch any branches, trunks and twigs along the way. When done correctly, use of industrial chains and tractors is a creative and inexpensive way to save money on land clearing equipment. 

Mount a Stump Drill to a Tractor -- When dealing with tree stumps, it might seem like a good idea to hire a tractor-mounted stump grinder. While utilising such equipment will do the work, it is relatively expensive. However, if a startup firm has a tractor, the best solution would be to hire a stump drill only and then mount it to the tractor. Most importantly, the stump drill must be compatible with the tractor. Attaching a stump drill to a tractor will turn the tractor into a stump grinder that is ideal for the removal of tree stumps and roots. Once a startup company is done with land clearance, the drill can be detached from the tractor and returned to the rental company.

Use a Disc Mulcher Instead of a Forestry Mulcher -- If the land to be cleared comprises mostly small trees, little bushes and a few big trees, you might be tempted to hire a forestry mulcher. The advantage of a forestry mulcher is that it gets the work done very quickly. However, the cost of renting such a machine is usually prohibitive for startups. Instead of a forestry mulcher, the startup land clearing firm can hire a disc mulcher since it works well in reducing small trees to mulch. Chainsaws can then be used to cut the few big trees. 


1 August 2018

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