4 Top Benefits of Using a Concrete Mixer


Most start-up construction companies prefer the benefits that come with ready-mix concrete formula. The reason is that ready-mix formulas save time that would have been spent on mixing individual concrete ingredients. Ready-mix concrete can also be ordered on demand. Despite the advantages, modern construction projects are highly dynamic. As such, there is the need for versatile on-site construction equipment. One such machine that is recommended for startup firms is the volumetric concrete mixer. Before you purchase a volumetric concrete mixer for your company, however, you need perspective on the same. This article highlights the benefits you stand to gain by buying a volumetric concrete mixer.

On-Site Changes -- As mentioned earlier, modern construction projects are dynamic; therefore, changes regarding actual quantity and specifications are bound to happen. Ready-mixed concrete does not allow for such changes. For instance, when you order ready-mixed concrete for your project and realise you'll fall short, you will be forced to request more and wait for delivery, which can be time-consuming if you are working on a tight deadline. Additionally, if you order in small quantities, you might end up paying more. A volumetric concrete mixer eliminates such restrictions. If you need additional concrete mix, the equipment allows you to prepare the concrete mix on-site. 

Avoids Wastage -- When ordering ready-mixed concrete, you have to take into consideration possible wastage from spreading and spillage. Deficits occur during the transfer of concrete mixture from a truck to the worksite. Therefore, you need to order a little more more than what you need for any particular project, which drives the overall cost of a project up. With a volumetric concrete mixer, however, wastage is not something to worry about. The reason is that since you are going to mix the ingredients on site, you can do it in bits until you cover an entire work area with the exact quantity of concrete mixture. It ensures minimal waste through spillage or spreading.  

Multiple Mixes on Demand -- The advancement of technology in the construction industry has given rise to different concrete mixes. Construction firms can order different types of blends, but they have to wait for delivery. A concrete mixer, however, allows workers to change the mixes on-site without much of a hustle. For instance, it only takes a couple of minutes to change from flowable fill to a slab mix. It is made possible by the controls on a concrete mixer that indicate the number of ingredients for each type of combination.  

Fresh Concrete -- Since ready-mixed concrete is delivered in truck drums, the time taken for delivery might cause moisture loss, which can warrant the addition of water to the concrete mix. On the other hand, a concrete mixer allows you to produce fresh concrete mix on-site that does not lose essential attributes like strength.


24 July 2018

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