3 Types of Cranes that Can Help You With Land Clearing


If you are clearing large amounts of land for a homesteading or property expansion project, then crane hire is likely on your list of things to use. You probably know that you will need a crane, but you may not know what type of crane you will need. Here are three types of cranes that you will want to consider and how they can help you with land clearing.

Mobile Cranes

Mobile cranes will likely work best for your situation if you will be dealing with various materials that need to be cleared as well as larger areas you need to handle. If you have several acres that need clearing, but those acres have trees, rocks and even lumber from fallen or abandoned buildings, then a mobile crane would be a good option. You also can move the crane easily without having to have a specialised licence and without specialised equipment. Mobile cranes can also get into smaller or tighter areas that you may have on homesteaded property.

Rough Terrain Crane

A rough terrain crane is ideal for homestead land clearing when you have various levels of terrain. For example, if you have started land clearing and you have land that is flat next to rocky terrain that goes into a mountain side or land that is very hilly and rocky, then a rough terrain crane would be ideal. The crane can manoeuvre easily through these various terrain issues without causing damage to the crane or to the land. Rough terrain cranes can also handle moving the basic types of materials you would find on homesteaded property such as trees, stumps and rocks.

Telescopic Crane

If you have areas that you can not reach through traditional methods, such as large inclines and rocky slopes, then a telescopic crane may suit your needs. The crane can expand to different levels where you can have someone waiting to load the crane. This type of crane can sit at the base of cliff or on even ground and reach to the top of larger hills easily.

These are only three types of cranes you may want to consider for your land clearing. Depending on the tasks you will have, the length of time you will need the crane hire and your experience with cranes, you may want to go with other options. Contact companies like Davo's Crane Hire for details, pricing and questions. They can also help with delivery options and pick-up if you need that service.


24 July 2018

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