Choose the right earthmoving machinery for your site


Moving earth around is hard work if you try to do it with just a shovel and a wheelbarrow. Manual labour may be fine for small jobs but if you have a large earthmoving job then you will need to hire either an earthmoving service or the appropriate equipment to get the job done within a reasonable timeframe. Before you visit the hire centre to select your equipment it is vital that you have a a good idea of exactly what machinery you will need to hire to get the work done properly.

What jobs need to be done?  

Are you planning to load aggregates, to clear a ditch, or to carry away backfill? Maybe you plan to level an area entirely before conducting further work on the site? Whatever you are planning, the nature of the job you have in hand dictates the the type of earthmoving equipment that you should be planning to hire. Excavators are probably essential to dig out the earth, but beyond that you should consider what loaders and dumper trucks you need and whether any accessories such as buckets, breakers and earth drills will be required to help you complete the job. Most jobs will involve a series of tasks so you will need to map out each stage of the earthmoving job from the first time you touch the earth until the final load of dirt is taken off the site. Once you know exactly what's involved you can make sure you have the right pieces of equipment available to complete each stage as you are ready to start.

Is your site accessible?

In many cases the bigger the earthmoving equipment you hire the quicker the work will be finished but there are times when that isn't practical. If your site can only be accessed via a narrow alleyway, or if the site itself is restricted in some way then you must think carefully about the type of earthmoving equipment you choose. While it may be tempting to hire the biggest item available remember to think about whether your choice is a practical fit for your project. Choosing smaller machinery may mean that the job takes a little longer but if it reduces the likelihood of anything getting stuck as it travels to and from your site it is probably a worthwhile sacrifice.

If you have any concerns about the suitability of the earthmoving machinery you are looking at then explain your requirements to the hire company. They will have the necessary experience to guide you towards the most suitable choice.


13 July 2018

How to Hire Heavy Construction Equipment: A Guide

If you need to hire heavy construction equipment and you do not work in the construction industry, you may be somewhat overwhelmed by the range of different machines which are on offer. When I wanted to hire a piece of heavy construction equipment so I could landscape my property, I didn't have the first idea about which type of machine was the best one for the job. Thankfully, I was able to call my brother-in-law. He works in the construction industry so he was able to give me some great advice. I decided to start this blog for people who don't have access to an expert. Enjoy!